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Writing Assignments

Read and Reflect: Why Is Photography So Important

  • Photography is important to me because it lets me express myself in anyway I would like too. I would be able to travel the world and get to take pictures and always look back at the memories that were made and how far I have gotten with my work while doing something I love. aside from creating memories we are able to improve our work anytime we want at what ever age we choose whether we choose to have it part time or full time or just as a hobby. learning is something I enjoy especially when its something that draws my attention with photography we learn something new everyday whether its angles how to adjust the picture or even the contrast of the picture and so forth. A camera is much more then just A camera its an art in order to express yourself and further your talents. 


  • to go a bit further into why photography is important building bonds that even you wouldn’t have imagined yourself to have and as your working with one another challenging each other with your work and even motivating each other giving constructive criticism to build the work of one another and create your masterpiece. photography also gets you to get out of your comfort zone travel more and just experience yourself  and life its self even more. just imagine having family quality time and just getting to save those moments with the photography’s that have been taking getting to look back at those moments that made you happy. being a photographer can also help and create awareness its great for those who like being involved in different movements and catching the moment of the times were everyone is needed gathered together the most to. over all photography is important because this is were you can truly be your self and enjoy your time working which really wont feel like work. 

Sandy Skoglund

Sandy Skoglund

This image was really eye catching to me I don’t know why but I got drawn into the image. looking at the different posses in which the wolves were and trying to figure out the meaning behind the image. her work is very creative and although this 0ne was the one to catch my eye she is very creative and has lots more amazing work . i have not seen anything like this I was used to looking at portraits and going further into photography and viewing creative photos like these is interesting.

Wassily Kandinsky

  • Wassily Kandinsky
  •  This is another very creative photography piece. this image in specific called my attention the  most the way  he involved shapes with his images makes them even more eye catching. trying to figure out what it is is fascinating also trying to put two and two together. the way the color contrast in the shapes and within this image. 
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