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Depth Of Field


Depth Of Field
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Food Photography

Why being a photographer would be a great job 

I think becoming a photographer would be a great job because not only can you express your self through your work you can pretty much work with anything or anyone for example nature, animals, and people of course their are many more to choose from. when becoming a photographer it might not even count as work because it’s something that I wanted to do and I enjoy it as well. photography is also one of the many jobs that are going to be needed along the line as the years go by its always going to be current. making your own schedule when you would like to take pictures is one of the many benefits that come with this job imagine being able to work when you would like and also finish when you would looks it sounds great. overall I think photography would be a pretty great job at least in my opinion. 

Travel poster Graphic design

Tin type vintage

Bear Meets Honey
Tin Type
Tin Type

Critique of Silver List

A photo still life illustrating a story on hooking up during the pandemic.
  • The picture caught my eye because I was  figuring out  what was around especially with the things they were pointing at this picture out of all of the rest of the images this one was the one to catch my eye. I enjoyed looking at the format to this website it was well organized the pictures were easy to view as well as admire.

As I was going through more of this website I found this picture and it was very eye-catching and interesting to look at. the way the color contrasts in the second picture was set to be is what made this picture even better. as for the fits one the purple flower standing out aside from the gold ones make not only the flower pop out but the picture as well with the little specks makes it look like the water was reflecting the water and making it look like the stars.

Shadow Series Of 4
Wassily Kandinsky


Social Issue Poster

Is police violence really necessary? People of all races and ethnicities go through unnecessary violence from police when getting arrested. We are going way back its not something that is recently going on but something that has been going on for centuries and should be getting more attention towards, for the safety of others. this may also be a reason why people are usually scared to call police for help. Not saying every officer is like this but for those who are need to be called out on it in order to see change. It is about time we see change and justice to all the lives that have been lost due to the amount of police brutality that has been going on for centuries. The families who lost someone close to them the amount of tears they lost the heartache they went through having to hear that your loved one is know gone. Asking why your family member was gone then getting the response that it was a police officer when they are here to help protect us not harm us. No family should have to go through the pain of something like this. 

Migrant mother

100 Most influential

  • this picture had such a strong impact on me due to the fact that it was taking when the great depression was going on the look of worry stress and anxiety on her face especially while having children not knowing when their next meal will be or if they will even have a next meal. those were definitely tough times for everybody but i feel it did quite affect a certain amount of people quite more mainly those in lower class men. families having to be calm for their children and family in order for them not to get the sane anxiety and stress that you are feeling can be overwhelming. i feel like this was such a great picture it caught much more than just an imagine it caught emotion as well. 
  • the person who shot the photo knew she was in the right place and knew that was going to be great shot she had gone to purchase her some food and saw an opportunity.  she sold her tires in order to be able to buy her food. i feel like this is such a touching story because helping others out in need is amazing feeling you feel at ease. having the oppurtunity to help other and make their day even if its something small. for example give someone a sweater or even buy them food or give them your food.
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