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Writing Assignment

Indeed Job Hunting

  • Retail sales associate photographer
  • job detail : Part time
  • description: team members capture images that are fun , spontaneous and creative to exceed the customers expectations , talk with potential customers to schedule and confirm photography sessions , as well as provide a delightful customer experience.
  • Broad Museum Collection :Image Critique
  • The image that I chose called my attention because of the way the image is and how the color for certain things on the image is. the facial expressions they look frighten as if their crying for help. the way the sky was set looks like  lightning which goes with the image because they look scared. My favorite things that I like about this image would be how the people were placed , the meaning of the image, and the way they put the sky.
  • Social Media Trends
  • 1: Show Your Audience Your “Reel” Brand Personality with Instagram Reels or TikTok : this social media trend is a reel for showing off your content in a short version. which crabs those who are viewing and makes them want to learn or see more of it.
  • 2: Make New Friends, But Keep The Old: Don’t Leave Long-Form Video Out : This social media trend is grabbing the audience attention with the videos that are posted on to Instagram.
  • 3: Stories Capabilities Are Not Only Here to Stay, They’re Growing: this trend is with snapchat. it shows you stories and what people are doing through out their day.
  • 5: Make eCommerce Even Easier: Social Media Becoming a One-Stop Shop : this social media trend is an for a storefront. creates the image clear.
  • .6: When It Comes to Content Strategy, Knowledge is Power : its about tik tok and reels. this trend is for people to get creative with their videos.
  • 7. Just Because You Can Go Text-Heavy on Facebook, Doesn’t Mean You Should: this trend is about the creation of a Facebook app. the ads will be larger and bolder
  • 8. Keep What’s Behind the Brand and Behind the Screen at the Forefront: people : this trend is about showcasing their brand. the faces behind the brand represent the item.
  • Jump start your photography 
  • Go to the movies: I would go to the movies looking for inspiration based of what the theme of the movie is.
  • Join a photo walk:  I would go on this in order to view others work to get an idea of what kind of work calls my attention and leads me into that direction.
  • listen to your favorite music: I feel like music has much more meaning then we think it does the right type of music can motivate in ways we don’t even think.
  • Go through your CD covers : looking at the photographs and what types of backgrounds they use
  • look at popular photoblogs and get inspired: viewing others work.
  • take on a photo a day: this helps on improving your work as well as help create different ideas.
  • shoot for a holiday theme: this would help your creativity
  • shoot your family: I would do this to try and make a portrait and improve my skills.
  • tell a story in 5 pictures: opens up your mind
  • take a self portrait: capture the emotion.
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